Stan Smith… you’ve probably heard a lot about these classic sneakers or at least seen them almost everywhere you go, be it a shopping mall (don’t go now cause of the ‘rona) or your favourite hangout spot: Instagram. BUT, do you really know who is Stan Smith?

Stan Smith Sneakers


Stanley Roger Smith, or Stan Smith according to adidas Originals, is a former two-time Grand Slam Champion; Grand Slam is a Tennis competition for all the peeps scratching they heads. Being a tennis player, as said by tennis players, is about being present in the moment and what a moment it was when Stanley Roger Smith signed on with adidas to create the now iconic Stan Smith sneakers in 1973, when he was the world number 1.


Made for the court, these sneakers caught the eye of fashionistas in the US, making them an instant pop-culture classic. From the 70s all the way to the 2000s, these sneakers rose to fame at an unprecedented rate, even entering the Guinness Book of World Records in the year 1990 for the most pairs sold.


adidas Originals Stan Smith


But all was not well in the year 2011, as despite all the years of being an icon, production for these sneakers was stopped. Luckily 2014 came to our rescue and resurrected these cult sneakers from the dead; and for that, we’d like to say a prayer to the sneaker God up in heaven somewhere. God truly is real (cries in Beyoncé).


Ever since its relaunch, the Stan Smiths have gone on to become a fashion staple, as not owning one meant you’re probably not much of a sneakerhead; not our words, but words that we’ve heard on the streets. Can’t tell y’all which streets tho, but trust us, we got reliable sources. (Source: Karama)


Speaking of sources, here’s Sabrina telling us what Stan Smiths mean to her.



So it’s very much safe to say that the Stan Smith’s are here to stay and ever since their comeback have been featured in some seriously sick and slick collaborations, i.e. Pharrell Williams, x Raf Simmons, Stella McCartney and more.


A shoe that can be worn with pretty much any outfit, Stan Smith from adidas Originals is here to ask you, do you own a pair already or not? Cause if not, you’re not a sneaker head, (Again, it’s not us. That’s just what we’ve heard on the streets!)