The Vans Authentic #44 is as OG as it gets. The low-cut, the minimalistic canvas upper, the waffle rubber outsole; it embodies the philosophy “Simple is best”. You can’t really say skate without mentioning Vans. If you take that literally, that’s on you fam.
Though repped heavily by skaters and surfers, Vans had quite the rebellious formation in the start.



Starting off in the humble town of Anaheim, California, the brothers Paul and Jim Van Doren decided to get into the sneaker business. Their business model was to sell directly from the factory to the customer - no middle man. Sneaker tech, back then too, had shoes going lighter and more running-focused. On the flipside, Vans was formed in 1966 with the aim to manufacture sturdy, long-lasting sneakers.


Dropkick, Classic Rewind - Vans Authentic #44


With zero marketing budget and a heart full of a hope, they sought out to achieve their dream. No surprise, it paid off handsomely. Skaters and surfers began to rep the brand and the shoe quickly grew a cult following, becoming the preferred choice for anyone in those circles.

What clicked was the waffle grip, it was just right for skating as it gave more control on the board. Add that to the crispy upper along with the vulcanized, heavy-duty construction and the sneaker fit the job like a glove.


Dropkick, Classic Rewind - Vans



An appeal to nostalgia. A symbol of belonging. That’s the status Vans had achieved. And in their own words, Paul and Jim owe it all to being authentic to the cause. Hence, the name for the one that blew up in the scene.

Years later, where many labels struggled, Vans stayed true to their roots and brought forth fresh reiterations of their OG designs for skaters and surfers, which still have a devout following till date. Today, Vans is a streetwear powerhouse and reckoned as such across the globe.

Here’s one such example.
Karim (@nawstyk) was hugely influenced by the world of skate and consequently Vans during his formative years. 14 years and counting, Karim still skates and expresses lotta love for the sneaker.

Hear it from the man himself.