Authentic 44 DX Shoe

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Lightweight canvas upper with classic checkerboard print. Soft midsole keeps you comfy. Signature waffle rubber outsole adds to the classic style.


1966. The year that Vans came up with their first ever shoe – the #44 Deck Shoe, or better known as the Authentic. As skateboarding began to blow up in and around 1974, skaters were spotted all over southern California sporting the rugged Vans Style #44. It began to take on a cult like following and quickly became the shoe of choice amongst many. The Authentic has been a pillar of the Vans lineup for over 40 years, and is as strong as ever even today.


Gaining popularity as many of the skateboarding greats began wearing them, the rugged lace-up soon came to make up the vivid pop of colours seen on skate parks. Now available in every possible colour and combination, Vans adds personality to any ensemble.